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24 September 2020

AA Motoring: ‘get your WoF done now while we still have capacity’

AA Motoring is urging motorists to renew their car’s Warrant of Fitness (WoF) now while its sites still have capacity – particularly during afternoons – or expect increasingly long wait times the closer it gets to the government’s October 10 deadline to renew.

1 September 2020

AA Smartfuel pushes for savvy shoppers to love their Auckland local

AA Smartfuel is today launching a new campaign it hopes will encourage people to get behind their Auckland retailers again.

21 August 2020

No winners in Transmission Gully deal

There is certainty but little to celebrate in the latest announcement on Transmission Gully, says the AA.

6 August 2020

AA warns motorists of significant delays if they wait for WoF deadline

The AA is warning motorists they could face significant delays if they wait for the government’s October 10 deadline to renew their car’s Warrant of Fitness (WoF).

28 July 2020

AA Traveller and Tourism NZ join forces to take Kiwis on a journey

AA Traveller and Tourism New Zealand are excited to launch a major new partnership aimed at getting Kiwis out and about to explore their own backyard. The new three-year partnership will see AA Traveller, which has been providing New Zealand travel inspiration for more than 90 years, and world class Tourism New Zealand, join forces to support domestic tourism and local operators.AA Travel and Tourism General Manager Greig Leighton says it’s an exciting opportunity. “84% of AA Members’ domestic trips are by car, and self-drive tourism has never been more relevant in New Zealand. While we’re all looking for ways to buy and support local, we know that our Members also want to take the opportunity to get into some of those less well-known attractions in surrounding regions. “We’re determined to help Kiwis out by providing our expert local advice on great things to see and do throughout New Zealand.”Greig says AA Traveller works closely with the country’s Regional Tourism Organisations and local operators to pinpoint the coolest experiences people can do in each area. “Every time we publish lists like our 101-Must Do’s we always get loads of people, including the locals in a lot of instances, saying ‘wow,...

AAs new EV charging breakdown van

20 July 2020

AA launches mobile EV charger to help curb ‘range anxiety’

EV drivers in Wellington will be able to cast off worries about running out of juice with the AA launching its first mobile charging breakdown van. A new AA Battery Service van launched at an event attended by Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter and Wellington Mayor Andy Foster on Wellington waterfront this morning is hitting the road in Wellington this week fitted with a lightweight EV charger.

26 June 2020

AA and New Zealand Red Cross raise the bar for self-help supplies

The Automobile Association and New Zealand Red Cross have released a range of new first aid kits they hope will raise the bar for self-help supplies nationwide.

24 June 2020

New service available at bustling Tauranga AA Centre

After weeks of heavy demand, the Tauranga AA Centre team is excited to offer locals a new service, which will help them enrol online to vote in this year’s election.

2 June 2020

AA wants ETS levy on fuel used to reduce transport emissions

The amendments to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) announced by the Government today need to also include spending the ETS levy on fuel for projects that help reduce transport emissions, says the NZ Automobile Association (AA).

22 May 2020

Council needs to make fast u-turn on George St - AA

The AA is urging Dunedin City Council to listen to its people and reverse the ill-conceived changes it has made on George Street.

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