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Teach drivers the skills they need to be safe responsible drivers. Join the AA Driving School national network as a licensee and get people started on their journey the right way.

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Is this a job? No. This is a self-employed role where you will be operating under a licensee arrangement where you run your own business in the AA Driving School network.
What is the pay? Income depends on your availability and number of lessons. Please submit an expression of interest to get in touch with our recruitment specialist to get estimates of earning potential.
What is a business with AA Driving School? AA Instructors operate their own sole trader business. They own their AA branded car and work with the tools and support from AA Driving School.
How does a licensee agreement with AA Driving School work? Instructors use booking system provided by AA Driving School and pay an annual licence fee. As lessons are paid online, instructors receive their lesson fees automatically.
What do I need to do to start my business with AA Driving School? Contact AA Driving School and book a consultation, complete the (I) endorsement course to gain the instructor licence (if you do not have it), and apply to join the AA Driving School network.
Is this business a long term commitment? No, it does not have to be. Starting your own AA Driving School business and ending it is a relatively simple process. It is an opportunity to work for yourself with an established business model and learn a variety of commercial and career enhancing skills.

Who is this licensee opportunity for?

The AA Driving Instructor role is a licensee business that is perfect for individuals who:

  • Love the driving life journey and want to share this with other drivers, both new and experienced
  • Have the drive to run a customer service focused franchise with an established New Zealand brand
  • Have the desire to engage with people in their community in a meaningful way
  • Are committed to making New Zealand’s roads safer by educating people to be skilled and safe drivers

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Frequently Asked Questions


The benefits of being an AA Driving Instructor

The role of an AA Driving Instructor enables qualified drivers several important benefits:

  • Competitively priced franchise model with great job satisfaction
  • Manage your own franchise business and manage your own schedule to allow for other commitments in life
  • Work with the well established AA brand and the support of a national network
  • Utilise well developed franchise tools that include a ready made product mix, call centre support, marketing support and more

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"I want to teach new drivers the skills they need. It’s not just about going through a checklist, it’s not just about passing a test." Read more...

"The kids, they remember you, because you made a difference in their lives." Read more ...

"For me it is all about teaching the students to be safe and independent drivers from the beginning," Read more ...

"I spend less time showing, more time involving. I am to get people in the driver's seat from the beginning" Read more ...

How to become an AA Driving Instructor

To become an AA Driving Instructor there are three steps.

  • Complete the NZTA approved driving instructor (I) endorsement course. Completing this course is essential to apply for the I-endorsement on your driver licence.
  • After completing the course, apply at NZTA to have the I-endorsement added to your licence. This endorsement allows you to work as a driving instructor in New Zealand.
  • After obtaining the I-endorsement on your licence you will be able to apply to join our national network. Successful applicants will be able to become official AA Driving Instructors.

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Frequently Asked Questions