The AA Driving School car

The AA Driving School's car of choice is a Suzuki Swift GLX

The AA Driving School car is a popular small hatchback that has achieved five stars for driver safety in the ANCAP testing system. You can learn in an automatic or manual car - it’s up to you.

Fun and safe to drive

Apart from being great looking, compact and fun to drive, the Swift includes some reassuring safety features, like six airbags. It comes with ABS braking which prevents the tyres from locking up in a skid if you have to brake hard. The Swift also has an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) which automatically adjusts the engine and brakes if your front or rear wheels lose grip during cornering.

Extra accelerator and/or brake pedals for your instructor

All of our instruction cars are fitted with dual controls in front of the passenger’s seat. They let your instructor control the accelerator and/or brake pedals if required in an emergency. The pedals you use are completely normal, so there’s nothing different for you - though you then get the extra confidence of knowing your instructor can take over if really needed.