Why choose the AA Driving School

Why choose the AA Driving School

The AA has been around since cars first arrived in New Zealand. So when it comes to learning how to drive, we understand every bump, pothole and tricky corner on the road.

New Zealand's number 1 driving school

The whole learning to drive process has its highs and lows, fast patches and slow crawls. Sometimes you’ll think ‘I’ve got this thing!’ and other times it’s more like ‘Phew, this is hard…’.

Whether you’re a natural-born driver or only learning to drive because you absolutely have to, our ‘Learn to drive the AA Way’ programme stays with you all the way to getting your full licence. That’s important, because there will be times when you need some coaching to keep you heading in the right direction.

Our stage-by-stage programme is the result of many years of real-life experience and working continuously to develop people's skills and safer drivers. It’s a combination of well-structured, comprehensive lessons with a professional driving instructor, good online information and lots of encouragement to ‘practise, practise, practise’. For good measure, there is the bonus of our AA Driving School special offers.

When you choose the AA Driving School as your learn-to-drive partner, you’re setting yourself up for success. Our high standards make sure you get the quality, professionalism and reliability you need to become a fully-licensed driver. We believe our programme is the most successful in the country because we track the success of our students and take their feedback on board.