Wheel Love

In every issue of AA Directions we feature someone with a unique, interesting or much-loved car. Here are their stories.


Audis on Ice

Andrew Bayliss loses control at the Audi Ice Experience, where staying within the lines proves to be more difficult than it looks.


Fuel Duel - Mineral Fuels vs. Bio-blends

A recent test by the AA shows that not all fuels are created equal. We look at how biofuel-blended petrol compares to pure mineral petrol.


Green machines

For most of us, travelling further than we can walk requires oil. Michael Henry delves into the topic of liquid biofuels.


A Good Drop

Despite no obvious changes on our roads, 2011’s road toll was down by a whopping 25% on previous years. Encouraging as this is, it begs the question – why?


Crash and learn

Kathryn Webster looks into how the Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP) measures car safety.

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