E-bikes can be a game-changer when it comes to city commuting. Photo by Mark Smith.

City commuting: trialling the the Force EZ Belt e-bike


Like many commuters, I’ve traded in bumper-to-bumper traffic for a helmet and two wheels. I love my e-bike: it gets me to work much quicker than any alternative, and being out in the fresh air is great way to start and end the day.

So, when the team at Sinch offered a trial of their new, New Zealand-made Force EZ Belt model, I put my hand up.

The Force EZ Belt is a wholly different type of e-bike than what I’m used to. It’s described as a SUV e-bike: sporty to look at with a sleek white design, perfect for both commuting and weekend adventures.

e bike commute detail INP

The Force EZ e-bike from Sinch. Photo by Mark Smith

Riding it along Auckland’s Northwestern Cycleway, I’m taken by how smoothly it rides. While my normal bike is clunky through gear and speed changes, the stepless automatic technology means there’s no changing gears; I can concentrate entirely on enjoying my journey, gliding up and down hills with ease.

The bike comes with four speed options, with a screen that displays the distance capacity at each level.

Eco is great for saving power, Auto is good on the flat, while Sport is better for tackling steep hills. If you’re a bit of a speed demon, crank it up to Turbo and feel yourself fly.

Charging is also a breeze, with a detachable battery cover that magnetises to the side of the metal frame. But I don’t have to charge often as the removable battery holds power well.

e bike commute portait INP

The Force EZ is likened to the SUV of e-bikes. Photo by Mark Smith.

On the weekend, I take the the bike out for a longer cruise. It’s here that the suspension and large step-through frame really shines. The lowest seat height on my medium-sized model works for me, with a toggle on the handlebars that moves the seat up and down while I ride, making adjustments easy.

All the bells and whistles do mean the bike is on the heavier side; something to be aware of should you have to manoeuvre it up stairs at any point. Even so, after a week with the Force EZ, it’s hard to return to my old e-bike. I'll definitely give Sinch a look next time I’m in the market for new wheels.


Story by Emily Draper for the Autumn 2024 issue of AA Directions Magazine. Emily Draper is the Deputy Editor of AA Directions Magazine.

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