For many people finding a footpath blocked by a car, van or even truck is at best an inconvenience. At worst, it can be a moderate danger if the vehicle forces them to walk on the road. 

Living Streets parking INPHowever, for children, people pushing prams, people using mobility aids such wheelchairs or mobility scooters, anyone with a vision impairment or with compromised mental processing, it can create a much bigger danger. 

“Parking on footpaths seems to be getting more common; we are running the risk of it becoming normalised,” says Chris Teo-Sherrell of pedestrian advocacy group, Living Streets Aotearoa.  

“Many people seem to have forgotten the law or don’t think about how their parking affects pedestrians. “If you find your way blocked or partially blocked by a vehicle parked across a footpath, take a photo, including the registration plate if possible, and send it to [email protected] stating the location, time and date.

“In addition, let your council know about the problem. Many councils only patrol the inner-city area, but vehicles are often parked across footpaths in other places, too. Most councils will enforce the law, but only in response to complaints.” Living Streets also suggests people use the free Snap, Send, Solve app –

Reported for our AA Directions Spring 2021 issue

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