Get down and dirty in Invercargill. © Dig This

Drive a bulldozer in Invercargill


In Invercargill, you can try your hand at operating seriously heavy machinery, with no special licence required. 

Owned and operated by Transport World, a hub of automotive attractions in Invercargill (all well worth a visit in their own right) you’ll find Dig This – New Zealand’s only heavy equipment playground. 

Drive a bulldozer, operate an excavator, shift huge piles of gravel using enormously powerful machinery and even have a go at crushing a car. 

With expert tuition on hand, the activities at Dig This are suitable for the whole family. Dig This Invercargill is a chance to do something unique and exhilarating; something you never dreamed you would do. You really can get down and dirty in Invercargill. 

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