Nothing beats climbing mountains on horseback. © Tim Cuff

Horse trekking in Hanmer Springs


Imagine summiting a steep hill set in an idyllic mountain landscape, in fresh air and sunshine, all without breaking a sweat. 

It’s easy when you’ve got a comfortable saddle and four sturdy hooves carrying you there. 

In Hanmer Springs, take in the stunning landscapes of the St James Conservation Area and the peaks of Mount Isobel on horseback for a truly special experience this summer. 

You’ll begin your trek in the Rogerson Valley, crossing rivers with ease and stopping to pick ripe fruit from the bushes and brambles that line the trail.  

With nothing but the rhythmic clop of hoofbeats and native birdsong carried on the breeze, horse trekking in Hanmer is a relaxing and remarkable way to spend a summer’s day. 

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