Crayfish, fresh and simple. © Graeme Murray

Indulge in a feast of crayfish at Kaikōura


There are no prizes for picking the best spot in New Zealand to enjoy a seafood delicacy. The name of the place gives it away, really. Kai means ‘food’ in Māori. Kōura is crayfish.

But it’s not all starched linen and shiny silverware here. The best way to eat crayfish in Kaikōura is beside the ocean, hot and simple, served with a side of salty air and a squeeze of lemon. 

There’s nothing quite like parking up beside the waves and indulging in the freshest of seafood just metres from where it was caught. 

Of course, if fancy dining is your thing, there are plenty of restaurants and cafés in town serving up this delectable delicacy, along with scallops, cod, pāua and pretty much all other kaimoana.

Most local takeaway bars serve crayfish too, so while it's not cheap, it's worth splashing out on this one – an experience not to be missed this summer.  

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