Discover the many and varied landscapes of Paloma Gardens. © Visit Whanganui

Paloma Gardens: landscapes like no other


Take a botanical trip around the world at Paloma Gardens in Whanganui. 

At Paloma Gardens, exotic landscapes have been curated in habitats that represent different ecosystems from countries across the globe. 

Stunning groves of bamboo, towering palms and a whole hillside planted in Agave, Yucca, cacti and succulents represent their native homes in the Pacific, the deserts of the Americas, Asia and Africa.  

Wander down the manicured expanse of the Wedding Lawn, explore (carefully) the Garden of Death, stroll through the expansive Arboretum, keep an eye out for the resident peacock, or pack a picnic to enjoy next to the large homemade pond. 

Recognised as a Garden of National Significance, Paloma Gardens really is a landscape like no other in New Zealand. 

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