You never know who you'll meet on the Forgotten World Highway. © Kayla Pratt

Take a trip back in time on the Forgotten World Highway


It’s rugged, rural and remote, but despite its name, you’ll definitely remember the Forgotten World Highway. 

Whether you begin at Taumarunui or Stratford, you’ll experience some of the finest back country the North Island has to offer. This is the land of pioneering ambition and stories of settlers’ struggles against the relentless bush.

You’ll pass by rolling pasture and thick pockets of native bush; over saddles, through gorges and even a one-lane tunnel on this wild 155-kilometre drive. 

Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find Whangamōmona, New Zealand’s own independent republic. Get your passport stamped and stop in at the historic pub.  

Be aware when driving the Forgotten World Highway, some parts will be on gravel and once you set off, there is nowhere to buy gas until you reach the other end.

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