Skydivers over Lake Taupō. © Robery Engberg Creative Commons

Skydive over Taupō: the skydiving capital of the world


In our experience, people have one of two reactions to terms like ‘drop zone’ and ‘controlled canopy landing’: abject fear or ‘bring it on’.

Likely you’re in the latter camp, which is why we’re all here. Jump out of a plane and freefall at 200kph an hour? Before breakfast, buddy.

Good stuff – let’s get into the details, then. Taupō is the skydiving capital of the world. Tens of thousands of jumps, every year. Have a look around – especially from 4500m – and it’s clear why: that bright blue lake, those snow-capped peaks, the bountiful, beautiful New Zealand landscape just stretching away. And when you want to be ‘of’ the landscape, rather than just looking at it, the way to do it is to skydive. And the companies licensed to conduct such excitement really turn it on. Pink plane? Limo? Hummer-limo? By the time you get to the safety training briefing you’ll feel like Jason Bourne or Jon Bon Jovi. Fearless, either way.

Up you go, to your chosen height, then one, two, three drroooooooopppppp. Alone, or in tandem, you’ll get the thrill of the freefall and then the slow dive as you take in 360 degrees of stupendous natural beauty. Yep, you get time for quite a good look while you’re up there before you walk off to a gentle finish at the drop zone.

Safe, sensational and (almost) out of this world. Why wouldn’t you?!

All we can say is, when someone calls out, ‘Boss! The plane!’ you want to be the one on it. And about to leave it.

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