Have a luxurious outdoor soak in Ōmarama. © Hot Tubs Ōmarama.

Ōmarama: Clay Cliffs and Hot Tubs


Experience the otherworldly rock formations at Ōmarama’s Clay Cliffs. 

Drive about 10km down a privately-owned gravel road from Ōmarama and pop $5 in the honesty box by the gate to get to some of New Zealand’s most remarkable geology. 

Formed by layers of gravel and silt compressed by the flow of ancient glaciers, clambering over the rocks at the Clay Cliffs is like exploring another planet. 

Here, narrow corrugated ravines, pointed bluffs and surreal rock formations stretch up to the sky. 

Once you’ve had your geology fix, head to the nearby hot tubs for a wood-fired soak. The individual tubs at Ōmarama are surrounded by clever native planting, allowing privacy and serene lakeside views across the mountainous Waitaki landscape. 

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