National Council

The AA’s National Council is the paramount governing body of the Association. It comprises one representative from each of the AA’s 18 District Councils.

The National Council meets quarterly to consider matters of national policy and to receive reports from the Board and Chief Executive

The National Council has delegated authority over the AA’s commercial affairs to the Board, which consists of the PresidentVice President and six other members elected from past and sitting National Councillors.

The Chief Executive and Association Secretary also attend meetings of the National Council.

AA National Councillors and their Districts

Here is a list of current AA National Councillors and the districts they represent. A photo taken in June 2023 is also included below. 

  • Tracey Rissetto – Northland
  • Rachel Hutchens – Auckland
  • Bill McMaster – Waikato
  • Ron Scott – Bay of Plenty
  • John Maxwell – Taranaki
  • David Murray – Hawke’s Bay / Gisborne
  • Errol Christiansen – Whanganui
  • Garry Goodman – Manawatu
  • Craig Bowyer – Wairarapa
  • Geordie Cassin – Wellington
  • Kyle Lightfoot – Nelson
  • Robyn Gardener – Marlborough
  • John Skevington – Canterbury / West Coast
  • Antoni Facey – South Canterbury
  • Martin McFelin – North Otago
  • Malcolm Budd – Otago
  • Jeff Donaldson - Southern Lakes District
  • Chris Peddie – Southland

Photo of NZAA National Councillors, taken June 2023 at a meeting in Wellington (Please note: in early 2024 there were some changes in Councillors representing regions. This photo will be updated with one of the current Council, as named above, in July 2024).

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