Enjoy a tasty beverage at Goldings Free Dive, Wellington. © WREDA

Complete the Wellington Craft Beer Capital Trail


Wellington is undeniably the capital city of craft beer.

With more malts, hops and mash than you can shake a stick at, most within walking distance of each other, Wellington is the perfect destination for a beer-themed walking route – the Wellington Craft Beer Capital Trail. The trail is not a pub crawl, more a leisurely amble of beer appreciation, for the curious and connoisseurs alike.

Visit the 23 bars and brewpubs on the list, each with their own unique character; all with great beer. 

Some live and breathe craft beer, with ranges the aficionados will swoon over. Others brew onsite, so you can watch the process unfold. Some are simply iconic Wellington spots, stocking beer, beverages and bites.

Download the map and brochure to guide you from the Craft Beer Capital website and collect a stamp with purchase at each establishment – it doesn’t need to be for beer; could be food or non-alcoholic drinks – and collect a prize pack for each completed map. 

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