Climbing waterfalls in Wānaka. ©Wildwire Wanaka

Complete the world’s highest waterfall climb via ferrata in Wānaka


Scale a 450 metre-high waterfall and stay dry in Wānaka. 

You don’t need to be an expert to take on the world’s highest waterfall climb. At Wildwire Wanaka you’ll climb via ferrata – which literally means ‘iron path’ in Italian – alongside Wānaka’s Twin Falls to experience dizzying heights and remarkable views. 

Traverse a network of rungs, plank bridges and foot pegs as you climb the rocky gully; cross in front of the tumbling water on a one-centimetre-thick cable. 

You’ll be blown away by the mountain views, stretching across to Lake Wānaka as you climb higher. Stop for a picnic along the way at the hidden plunge pools. 

There are several climbing options to choose from – all of them safe and suitable for people with no climbing experience at all. 

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