Pick your own strawberries. © Hawke's Bay Tourism

Pick your own fruit


Make the most of the season’s bounty by picking your own selection of berries and summer fruits. 

Berries taste best when they’re sun-warm and freshly picked from the bush. The same can be said for the array of stone fruits ripening on trees this summer. 

From juicy blueberries to bright Otago cherries, fuzzy raspberries and apricots to bucketfuls of strawberries, there is an abundance of fruity treats literally ripe for the picking. 

There is a simple pleasure in getting back to nature, wandering rows of trees and bushes as you pluck sweet produce – some for now, some for later. And kids love it, too.

Whether you’re on the road or sticking close to home, find an orchard near you and indulge in some good old-fashioned – and seriously delicious – family fun. 

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