Get up close with wild stingrays in Gisborne. © Gisborne Tairāwhiti

Hand-feed wild stingrays in Gisborne


At Tatapōuri, just 10 minutes north of Gisborne, you can get up close with the children of Tangaroa, the Māori god of the sea.

Join a tour with Dive Tatapōuri to learn about the ecology of the area and discover the array of marine life lurking in the reef's shallows. 

While wearing waterproof waders you’ll walk the reef at low tide to see stingrays and a multitude of other reefs-dwellers including yellowtail kingfish, trevally, kahawai, crayfish, octopus and conger eel.

As well as observing the sea creatures, you can get even closer by feeding and touching the wild stingrays as they glide along the ocean floor an come in for a snack. It’s an awesome experience and totally unique to Tairāwhiti.

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