Enjoy the magnificent scenery on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. © Camilla Rutherford

Ride the epic Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail


Linking the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, the aptly named Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail also takes in some of the most picturesque landscapes of the South Island. 

The trail begins either at Aoraki Mount Cook or at the foot of Lake Tekapō as an alternative, winds in nine sections through the spectacular Mackenzie Country and on through the geological marvels of the Waitaki District to finish at the Steampunk-infused seaside town of Ōamaru.  

Tackle the ride in four to eight days, depending on your enthusiasm and fitness levels, or simply choose a scenic section for a day ride. 

The trail has brought a whole new vibe to the little towns along its length: new cafés, funky places to stay, no end of cars carrying multiple bikes and a lot of active, enthusiastic people.

From the incredible neon blues of Lake Pūkaki, to a hot tub with a view at Ōmarama; fossilised giant penguins in the Vanished World or the intriguing geology of the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark, there’s plenty to do alongside this epic ride. 

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