Cycle lanes

'How big a part of Auckland’s transport future do you see cycle lanes being?'

The AA asked the leading candidates to become Auckland's next mayor their views:

Wayne Brown hs  Wayne Brown

Cycle lanes have a place in the system but only if done cheaply without disruption. $200 per/m cycleways are fine but $12000 per/m cycleways are not. Plus make better use of wide footpaths as in Ormiston for example.

Craig Lord  Craig Lord


Efeso Collins hs  Efeso Collins

Cycle lanes are an important way to encourage a behaviour change for those who have the means and capacity to travel via a bike and for health and recreation purposes. However, the biggest change needed to our transport system is creating a public transport system that supports people to be able to get right across the city efficiently and effectively without the need to be solely reliant on their car.

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