Play the claim game.

As we rocket into 2024, we thought we might play a little game of guess what was the average amount young people got back on their most common AA Health Insurance claims last year* More importantly though, we present some fabulous wellness experiences you could try with the money you may get back. From bathing in the forests of Aotearoa to punching virtual objects as you sweat it out in the comfort of your own lounge.  Seems like everyone is a winner here! 

Final Top 5 Health Claims Feb 2024 LR


Reveal Top 5 Health Claims Feb 2024 LR


So, what new wellness experiences could we try? 

GP Consultations and Forest Bathing.

Geoff Handsfield

Geoff Handsfield from Forest Bathing Aotearoa

What’s up doc? Coming in at number 1 in the claim hall of fame for 2023 are GP Consultations. Whether it’s for the mind or body, it seems young people are getting in to see the Doc and getting it sorted, which is great. With an average claim back amount of $54*, you could use this money to try Forest Bathing. This is a westernised approach to the traditional Japanese ritual of shinrin yoku which has been studied extensively for its beneficial physical and emotional effects. Guide Geoff Handsfield from Forest Bathing Aotearoa can take you through a 2-hour guided forest bath walk from $50 per person. 


Dental and chomping into some healthy plant-based cuisine.

The Botanist

Say cheese(cake) to this scrumptious number from The Botanist.

Time to say cheese as the dentist takes a major extraction from your wallet, but you’ll be smiling the whole way through as the average claim amount for dental comes in at $287*. With this sitting in your back pocket, you could certainly spoil your gut with a meal from a plant-based eatery (and still have a chunk of change left). In the capital, try Lyall Bay's The Botanist or opt for a Buddha bowl and enjoy a mixture of delectable salads from The Raw Kitchen in Auckland. In the South Island, try The Barefoot Eatery where you'll find many raw goodies as well as consciously created whole-foods.


Optical Appliance and working out in the virtual world.

Virtual reality

Feeling the virtual burn.

In third place (or worthy recipient of the bronze medal in our 'Claims Olympics') is Optical Appliance – say what now? Think glasses and contact lenses. Things will start to look crystal clear when you consider that they have an average claim amount back of $289*, and with this figure in mind you could consider contributing to getting your mitts on a virtual reality headset like the Meta Quest 2.  You could then trial Les Mills launch of LES MILLS XR BODYCOMBAT – which fuses globally-renowned trainers with XR (Extended Reality) for an out-of-this-world fitness gaming experience.


Physio appointments and gettin' bendy 

YogaRinging in at number 4 are physio appointments. Perhaps the result of accidentally pulling a hammie during the 2024 summer season of backyard cricket?  At a tidy $54* average claim cost, you could use this money to get your Glo on and trial this fantastic online yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness app which has been designed to help you feel better in both your body and mind. We love this beautifully designed app, where you can practise all your favourite moves with some of the world’s best teachers.


Specialist appointments and getting a solid 8 hours of zzz's  

Rounding out our top 5 claims list are specialist appointments and it's no surprise here that the average claim amount is in the hundreds of dollars.* With this claim money, you could aim to achieve an epic night's sleep. New Zealand is actually ranked #4 of the countries with people getting the most amount of recommended sleep.¹ So sail off into a peaceful slumber at some of New Zealand's quietest accommodation. Goodnight everybody. 

¹World Sleep Trends of 2023 (


*Based on eligible claims by AA members aged between 18-30 years between 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023. Terms and conditions, waiting periods and benefit limits apply, check the policy for details.
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