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Working out which health insurance policy is right for you might seem intimidating at first. To help with that, here's a summary of AA Health Insurance policies in one place so you can compare and contrast the features and benefits for your situation.

Remember that this is only a summary, so don't forget to read the relevant Policy Wording to be confident in knowing what you are or aren't covered for.

Benefits*EverydayPrivate HospitalPrivate Hospital and Specialist
GP consultations    
Glasses and contact lenses    
ACC top up  
ACC treatment injury  
Cancer treatments  
Hospital diagnostics  
Hospital specialist consultations  
Non-PHARMAC cancer treatment  
Non-surgical hospitalisation  
Oral surgery  
Parent accommodation  
Post-hospital home nursing care  
Post-hospital physiotherapy  
Post-hospital therapeutic care  
Pre-existing cover for newborns  
Registered specialist skin lesion surgery  
Road ambulance transfer  
Surgery in a recognised private hospital  
Suspension of cover after 1 year  
Travel and accommodation  
Varicose veins surgery  
CT, MRI and PET scans    
Diagnostic investigations    
Follow up investigation for cancer    
GP minor surgery    
Intravitreal eye injections    
Obstetrics (for risk factors)    
Specialist consultations    
Sterilisation after 2 years    
Waiver of premium    

AA Health Insurance Policies

Covers you for day-to-day medical expenses. Add Everyday benefits to your policy or purchase on its own.

AA Health Private Hospital covers you for diagnostics, surgery, and treatments in a recognised private hospital, with high excess, low premium policy options.

Covers your specialist consultations, diagnostics, surgery, and treatments in a recognised private hospital, with low excess policy options.

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