Terms and Conditions

Policy Wordings

We want to make sure you’re confident in knowing what you are or aren’t covered for. That means reading the policy wordings to understand the benefits as well as your responsibilities, and the cover limits and exclusions of your policy.

Life Cover Policy Wording

Funeral Cover Policy Wording

Accidental Death Cover Policy Wording

Cancer Care Policy Wording

5% AA Member discount terms and conditions

You are required to validate the AA Membership during the application process to ensure that a valid AA Membership is held.

  • Discount is applied on application or at renewal for annual premium payments. For instalment payments discount is applied from the next premium instalment.
  • You would need to contact Asteron Life directly to add AA Member discount at renewal or at next payment date.
  • Discount is available to the policy owner if they are an AA Member.

Promotional terms and conditions

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Information provided to the AA Life team is collected, used and stored in accordance with NZAA Privacy Policy and shared with Asteron Life for use in accordance with Asteron Life’s privacy statement.

Direct Debits

Asteron Life administers your policy for the AA and arranges all payments. Completion of an application confirms Asteron Life's authority to debit your bank account the same as if you had signed a form.

If the bank account requires more than one signatory to authorise payments, all signatories must accept these terms and conditions. These conditions apply in addition to any terms and conditions your won bank may apply in relation to your account.

Specific conditions relating to notices and disputes

Asteron Life is required to give written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit in a series of direct debits no later than the date of the first direct debit. The notice is to include: 

  • the dates of the debits, and
  • the amount of each direct debit.

You may ask your bank to reverse a direct debit up to 120 calendar days after the debit if:

  • You don't receive a written confirmation of the amount and date of each direct debit from Asteron Life, or
  • You receive a written notice but the amount or the date of debiting is different from the amount or the date specified on the notice.

If you're not reasonably satisfied that the authority authorised your bank to debit your account with the amount of the direct debit, you may ask your bank to reverse a direct debit up to 9 months after the date Asteron Life sent the first direct debit under the authority.

If the bank dishonours a direct debit but Asteron Life sends the direct debit again within 5 business days of the dishonour, Asteron Life is not required to give notice of the amount and date of the second direct debit.

If Asteron Life proposes to change an amount or date of a direct debit specified in the confirmation, they are required to give notice:

  • no less than 30 calendar days before the change, or
  • if Asteron Life's bank agrees, no less than 10 business days before the change.
  • You understand you can contact Asteron Life at any time and cancel or change this payment authority.

Authorisation code 0100409

You will be sent confirmation of your payment details as part of your policy documentation within 5 working days of your policy being issued.

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