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AA Life Cancer Care

Give yourself the best chance of a complete recovery

Cancer Care Insurance gives you what you need - a lump sum of money to tackle your treatment and recovery. Your lump sum payment is there to help you overcome the physical, emotional and financial stress that accompanies the diagnosis of cancer.


 $5,000 early payout

If you're diagnosed with an early stage cancer, which is a cancer that has not yet spread to surrounding healthy tissue, the policy pays $5,000 early. It's an early benefit, meaning this amount comes off your chosen cover.

 30-day no-obligation review

You enjoy a 30-day no-obligation review - if it’s not what you expected or you change your mind we'll cancel your Cancer Care Insurance policy and refund any premiums paid.

 Guaranteed acceptance

Acceptance for Cancer Care Insurance is guaranteed if you're aged between 18 and 59. You do not need a medical, nor do you need to answer any medical questions. However, if you have any pre-existing conditions, they will be excluded from your cover **.

 Joint ownership

You may allocate a joint owner for your insurance policy, such as a partner, who can manage the claims process if you are diagnosed with cancer. This means that you can concentrate on your recovery while your joint policy owner helps with making the claim.

 Flexible cover

The size of the payout depends on the cover you choose and can be up to $100,000.

 Length of cover

Your Cancer Care Insurance policy will continue to cover you for as long as you want up to age 65.

 Money is paid tax-free

It's a lump sum payout just like full life insurance. There is no income tax paid on the policy payout so you get the entire amount you are covered for.

 Reach of cover

You're covered anywhere in the world.

Who it covers Guaranteed acceptance for people aged between 18-59
Application process No medical questions
Coverage begins Full cover is provided 90 days after your policy start date
Coverage types Covers you for cancer diagnosis (including early stage cancer)
Coverage term Covers you up to age 65
Payout amount Pays out up to $100,000

What's covered

What’s covered

You will receive the Cancer Care Benefit if you are diagnosed as having Cancer and you are:

  • younger than 65 years old when you are diagnosed; and
  • still alive 14 days after the diagnosis of the Cancer.

See policy document for full definition of Cancer and a full list of what’s covered under this policy and requirements for cover.

What’s not covered

You will not receive a pay out for a claim arising directly or indirectly from a Pre-Existing Condition, that was present in the five (5) years before your Cover Started or Restarted.

Please see the Cancer Care policy document for more details and exclusions.

Paying premiums

Premiums can be paid fortnightly, monthly (direct debit and credit card only), quarterly, half-yearly or annually by direct debit, credit card or cheque.


Making a claim

You, or the person looking after your affairs, will need to contact us to inform us of your diagnosis so we can start the claim process. To make a claim, contact AA Life on 0800 874 444 or write to AA Life Claims, PO Box 894, Wellington, 6140.

We will let you know what evidence we require. The Policy Owner is responsible for the cost of providing this evidence.

We may need you to be examined by a doctor of our choice to assist with the assessment of your claim.

Payments under this policy will be made once:

(a) we have received the following:

  • properly completed claim form (please call us on 0800 874 444 and we'll provide you with the appropriate form for your needs);
  • proof of the condition for which the claim is being made; and
  • copies of all investigations performed which may include, but are not limited to, clinical, radiological, histological and laboratory evidence;
  • copy of your medical history for the purposes of assessing the claim; and
  • (b) we have confirmed you are eligible for a payment.

Please refer to the Cancer Care Insurance policy document for more information.

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