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Cat Insurance

We've created cat insurance to help cover the costs of unexpected vet bills - because nine lives' worth of those expenses would be tough on anyone's wallet! AA Pet Insurance can help get treatment sorted for your feline friend if illness or injury happens.

So that you can choose the cover that suits your cat, we’ve made our plan flexible with different benefit levels and excess options to select from. And the application process is quick and easy allowing you to get back to spending time your furry friend.


Personalise your plan

Three annual benefit limits to choose from - $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000. Your benefit limit is the highest amount that we’ll pay in a policy year. A higher benefit limit means you can claim more each year.

Choose from $0, $100, $250, or $500 excess options. The higher the excess, the lower your premium will be.

You can add the Paw Care package to your policy to cover things like vaccinations and other regular vet care expenses, or you can keep your policy simply for illness and injury.

How we can help your cat

No matter how independent cats can be, their nine lives are sure worth protecting! Our cat insurance covers both the ‘serious stuff’, as well as day-to-day injuries that may happen when you least expect it. Here are some common things we can cover**:

  • Swallowed objects
  • Poisoning – don’t forget that common things like raw fish can be harmful!
  • Allergic reactions to insect bites
  • Car accidents
  • Lacerations, be it from cat fights or stepping on a piece of glass
  • Injuries from being stuck in a fence

We also cover times when your cat gets sick and needs comprehensive tests or surgery. If this happens, we can help you with costs for hospitalisation, surgery, lab and diagnostic tests, and even cancer treatment.

 ** Subject to policy, terms, exclusions and limits.

Be confident knowing what your cat insurance covers

Pet insurance can help cover unforeseen vet bills from accidental injuries and illness. We want to make sure you’re confident in knowing what your cat is and isn’t covered for. That means reading your policy wording to understand the benefits as well as your responsibilities, and the cover limits and exclusions of your policy. You should refer to the full Policy Wording to check what is and isn’t covered.

  • We cover 80% of eligible vet bills up to your selected Annual Benefit Limit. A 20% co-payment applies per claim, and applicable excess may apply.
  • There is one excess per condition each policy year. If you’re making multiple claims for the same ongoing condition, you’ll only be charged one excess per policy year. However, a separate excess will be applied if your cat needs care for different conditions.
  • If your cat has a chronic medical condition, cover isn’t available for any costs associated with that condition. However, you can apply to have other pre-existing conditions reviewed if your cat has been symptom-free for 18 months.
  • Some benefits have waiting period, which means that you have to wait a certain time before you can claim on it. Waiting periods will vary between different benefits and listed conditions. For details on what these are, please refer to your Policy Wording.
  • Your premium is likely to increase, as your cat gets older.

Table of Benefits

Accidental Injuries and Illness Conditions

Up to your selected Annual Benefit Limit

Cruciate Ligament Conditions Sub Limit $3,200
Consultation Fees Sub Limit $300
Dental Illness Sub Limit $600
Emergency Boarding Sub Limit $1,500
Intervertebral Disc Disease Sub Limit $4,000
Waiting Periods 14 Days for Illness Conditions
6 Months for Cruciate Ligament Conditions
6 Months for Dental Illness Conditions
0 Days for Accidental Injury


Paw Care Package  Claim a maximum of $100 a year (total) for:Desexing
Health checks
Registration costs
Flea/tick/worm control
Heartworm control
Heartworm test
Dew claw removal
Blood test & screening
Cremation or burial
This is a summary only. Benefit limits, sub-limits, conditions, waiting periods and exclusions apply. For full details please refer to the Policy Wording.



Have a question?

Our friendly, pet-loving team are here to help. Give them a call to learn more about the policy. We’re available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

0800 700 555

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